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Pediatric Care 


Chiropractic: not just for adults

The goals of chiropractic, often pigeon-holed into a therapy for adults with back and neck pain, actually extend far beyond pain relief and focus more on the alignment of the spine and how it affects the overall health of an individual—at any age.  Chiropractic was developed based on the concept that misalignments of the spinal bones, called subluxations, can pinch and irritate the delicate nerves housed within the spinal column and interfere with the communication between the brain and the rest of the body.  So, what does this mean for your child and how does it relate to their health?  Quite simply, the subluxations in the spine, by interfering with the nervous system, decrease the ability of your child’s body to function normally and inevitably cause a lack of health.  As a result, subluxation is often an overlooked underlying cause of many health issues in children.


How do I know if my child has subluxations?

As the only health care professionals trained in the detection and correction of subluxations, chiropractors can examine your child’s spine to determine if they are present.  If your child has never seen a chiropractor, it is likely that he or she has subluxations.  In fact, over 80% of normal childbirths result in neck injuries, ranking the birth process as one of the number one causes of a child’s first subluxations.  Follow that up with trips and falls when learning how to stand and walk, bumps and bruises during playtime and sports and even the emotional changes and stresses of childhood, and the spine ends up taking quite a beating.  Subluxations begin to set in within the spine and, if left uncorrected, illness and disease will often follow.


Correcting subluxations: the pediatric chiropractic adjustment

After determining if and where your child’s subluxations exist, a chiropractor can perform a safe, gentle adjustment to the subluxated spinal bone to correct the misalignment.  The adjustments children receive are very different from what may come to the adult mind when thinking of chiropractic.  Chiropractors trained in adjusting children know a variety of different techniques all adapted for the size and condition of each child’s spine.  All techniques are extremely safe and require pressure often as gentle as the pressure used to test a ripe tomato.  The chiropractic adjustment is so safe and gentle, in fact, that chiropractors encourage parents to have their infants checked for subluxations for the first time shortly after birth.


What kind of results will I see if my child is adjusted?

With a well-adjusted spine comes a well-adjusted child.  When subluxations are corrected and the nervous system is able to function to its fullest potential, your child’s body is be able to do what it was built to do—heal itself and adapt and function on its own.  Often parents will see almost immediate improvement in their child’s health issues as the interference to the nervous system is removed.  Furthermore, beyond getting your child healthy, chiropractic helps to keep your child healthy.  With regular wellness care adjustments, parents often notice their children get sick less and require fewer visits to the medical doctor.